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As for the game itself, Eternal Conquest The Great War, you can see a very rough version of the first chapter of the game in pre-beta mode here

You can watch a gameplay video here

The Official Eternal Conquest LLC Facebook Page can be viewed here

Individuals who wish to examine the early access edition of our product can install it on their iPhone or iPad for $8 by becoming a Bronze Benefactor. Visit <returning soon with updated version> and select the Bronze Benefactor package. Clicking through the check out and payment process will register you in our system and you will receive an email with installation instructions and access to our distrabution platform within 24 hours so that you can download and install ECTGW on your Apple Device.

Basic Description

Classic style (also known as Japanese Style) role playing games, while not utilizing 3D graphics technology (they use 2D graphics), are enjoying a new era of increased profitability due to the nature of the market segment whose needs and desires they fulfill.

The following article highlights how Nintendo’s newest 2D Classic Style (also known as Japanese Style) Video Game grossed just under 3 million dollars within the first 24 hours it was released and explains how our game seeks to tap into that same market.

The following article by Kotaku echoes this sentiment.

Sales Statistics for my competitor’s Classic Style RPG Games provided by Priori Data show this demand remains strong even as much 7 years after release for those games as shown in our market research of the business plans below.