About Eternal Conquest LLC

Eternal Conquest LLC was founded in 2017 for the purpose of delivering and supporting a new and revolutionary type of classic style role playing game. 

Eternal Conquest LLC’s assets & holdings consist of a series of electronic digital files and source code that comprise the "Eternal Conquest - The Great War"​ Video Game.

Eternal Conquest LLC is also the official legal entity that will bring Eternal Conquest - The Great War and Eternal Conquest - The Conflict Begins Video Game(s) to market, produce any and all secondary market product(s), and provide support for the Eternal Conquest Product Family.

Our goal is to complete the development of Eternal Conquest - The Great War and release to the Apple iPhone/iPad App Store, along with all supplementary and secondary market products within 2-years upon receiving full investment or as soon as we can without any outside investment.

We also plan to release the prequel game on Apple iTunes/App Store as Eternal Conquest - The Conflict Begins.

While not as ambitious as our Flagship 180+ hour title, the prequel known as Eternal Conquest - The Conflict Begins is already playing out in beta at 30+ hours, which means it's taking people more than 30 hours of play to beat the prequel.

The prequel will price out under $9 and will be available on iTunes/App Store as soon as we can get it there.

Players who want to get their hands on the beta now for both games can get immediate download access at http://teamup.ectgw.com 


Once at the teamup site, simply click the support now button, choose your level of sponsorship, complete the purchase process, and then you will receive the instructions to register your device for access to install the betas for both games on your iPhone and iPad so you can start playing.

Once your device has been registered, the game will be made available to for installation to your registered device.