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Aloye Geo-Content System 4.51

If you are an Established Video Game Development Company, a Lone Ranger in the Video Game Development Space, a Student, or anyone else who is looking for a revolutionary edge to use in their video game, look no further than the Aloye Geo-Content System.

Our revolutionary IP consists of a code module to insert into your video game along with a connector to our web based geo-processing system where your video game will send the player's real time geo-coordinates along with one of our pre-defined geo-processing rules.

Our platform will then process the coordinates in accordance with the selected rule, and return to you back to you the relevant information and validation results allowing your game to react in accordance with the player's GPS coordinates.

With multiple tier subscription plans available, anyone can afford to use our system.

Students can use it on a pay per function call basis, allowing an extremely light user to pay for only what they need and use.

Indie Developers can utilize a subscription model with overages handled by purchasing packages of function calls.

Video Game Development Companies can purchase an unlimited subscription plan allowing their game to make trillions of function calls for a defined monthly price.

This is the system you have been dreaming of for your video game, and we are just getting started!

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