About The Game

** NOTICE ** The current demo is pre-alpha. It was built to demonstrate our capabilities to investors and to show them a basic proof of concept. In this demo, you will find things that are odd such as kings and queens in town without any security or fanfare, honorable characters stealing gold from chests in shops only to turn around and use that gold to purchase items. You will also find basic graphics, lackluster quests and text descriptions, and other odd types of things.

The Geo-Location based content will recite and display your geo-coordinates, while a message is displayed about transporting you to a special in game area, but the transport feature is not active yet. This is all part and parcel of a pre-alpha game that is less than 3% completed. 

Understand that we are using this demo to showcase capabilities to investors and have been focused on building out the various logic components and sequences, as well as all of the underlying elements involved in the game.

Our objective is to introduce this to both investors and gamers alike so that gamers can begin to rally around our project to support us, offer advice and suggestions, make recommendations, and share with us what they would like to see.

As we continue to build the game up and out, everything you see in this demo will begin to change, become more refined, and grow via expansion, tweaking, editing, etc.

When viewing this demo, look at it from the standpoint of validating our capabilities and ability to deliver. The game content itself is the easy part. The hard part is where we have spent all our time up to this point which involved the infrastructure, back end code, development and implementation of the geo-location platform and calendar based platform, in addition to building and putting all of the in-game logic components in place.

This demo will be constantly expanded and developed as it grows to take on the form of the actual game. Stay tuned...   


About the Game

Eternal Conquest has several "killer app" style features designed to immerse the player into a new and unique experience while remaining true to the expectations of the "classic RPG style".

What are these killer app features?

Season, date, and time specific content – this allows portions of the game to become accessible based on season, date, and time. The game interacts with my server to pull the date and time data and certain portions of the game use this data to determine when to enable and present certain areas of the game to the players.

For example, there will be Christmas quests that only become available during the month of December, and remain inaccessible before and after that time. Players cannot cheat or trick the game by changing the time on their devices because the game gets this data from my servers

Geographic specific content – this allows portions of the game to become accessible based on the physical location of the player. Using the GPS inside the player’s phone or tablet or using the internet to triangulate the location of the player based on ISP and IP Data.

For example, if there is special content that I build into the game, that can only be accessed by players who are physically playing the game in a 30 mile radius of a designated city, then only players who are playing the game within the longitude and latitude of that geographic location will have access to that content. The uses and benefits of such a feature are limitless.

180 Hours of Play – the game will be built out so that an expert player who knows exactly what to do to beat the game will need to spend 180 hours to go from the beginning of the game,  to the end. This will be achieved with an extremely large Overworld, and landscape filled with countless quests, battles, and missions.

Three Different Worlds – the game will consist of three different massively expansive worlds. The World of the Present, the World of the Future, and the World of the Past. This design will allow the game to hit the 180 hour minimum play time requirement in addition to making it so massive the amount of time required to actually achieve everything will be greater than any comparable game on the market.

10 to 20 playable characters – the number of playable characters will be somewhere between 10 and 20. Each character comes from a unique background and has a unique set of skills, abilities, and traits. A unique story line is also connected to each character such that as the characters experience and interact with the world around them, new mysteries from the present, past, and future are unlocked and discovered.

Worlds Collide – the game itself involves an initial tragedy along with a conquest (the eternal conquest) to stop the evil from expanding and spreading. This conquest requires the player to achieve a complex set of objectives in the present world, before being magically transported into the future to achieve another full set of objective, and then ultimately going back into the past for the final set. The game ends  when the player is right back at the point of the initial tragedy but because of his conquest, the initial tragedy never actually happens. It’s a tearjerker filled with action, adventure, and drama that will seduce and captivate players of all backgrounds, ages, and interests.

Geo-Location Based Content Settings - iPhone & iPad

Pre-Alpha Build 0.5.1 includes necessary frameworks and code required for hockeyapp beta distribution.


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